Welcome to Candelo's Ricetto

DENTRO LE MURA is a romantic location that will offer you an escape from the hectic life of everyday life with the possibility of staying
in a small medieval borough untouched

Joined the highly selected Club of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy

A small, ordered nucleus surrounded by cobblestone walls whose access, on the south side, is dominated by a massive tower-gate once fitted with a drawbridge.

This jewel is perfectly embedded in the contemporary Candelo the tower-door faces the square in clear contrast

With the neoclassical town hall and then crossing the access tower is like crossing a door of the time … with noisy sounds of frenzy every day we find ourselves immersed in a crystallized landscape in the past where the silence that breathes is mysterious magical and powerful.

You can also relax for just a few days inside and visiting the surroundings.








Our services for you

Medieval flat 70 mq.
on 3 levels


2/3 people


2/3 places*



Minimum Stay

1 Night

*Possibility of a sofa bed for another person in the living room

What is the recipe?

The Candle Recipe is a monument to introspection,

The community spirit and the self-determination of the local community. It is a desired fortification,

Conveyed and used by the people to defend wine, grains and carnations.

Etymologically the word Ricetto or Recetto derives from the Latin Receptum:  recovery, refuge

In Piemonte, it counts about 200, of which 12 in the Biellese area, but that of Candelo is characterized by the extraordinary state of preservation.

In the seventeenth century it lost its defensive function, but has always been used for winemaking

end the protection of earth products.

Walking through the colossal tower-gate you find yourself

In the little square dominated by the Palace of the Prince made by Sebastiano Ferrero feudal lord of Candelo from 1496.

The village is perched orthogonally by streets called “rue” where they are facing 200 cells clustered in nine blocks.